Who can use CCE Tompkins Platform: Campaign Guidelines

If you would like to set up a Campaign on the CCE Tompkins Platform, please make sure you can respond “yes” to each question in this checklist:

Does your Cause fit into one of the following Program Areas?

  • Agriculture, Food & Nutrition
  • Consumer and Financial Management
  • Environment & Energy
  • Strengthening Family & Community/Community & Economic Development
  • Youth Development

Documented Needs or Opportunities and Support

  • Is there documented, specific evidence of the need you are addressing in the communities you serve?
  • Does the scale of the need justify raising funds and resources to conduct your programs and services?
  • Is there documented support for this effort among stakeholders? In other words, do other community members believe in what your Cause proposes to do?

Clearly Defined Intended Outcomes

  • Are Cause goals stated clearly?
  • Are there specific intended short, mid, and long-term outcomes?
  • Are Cause audiences identified?

Substantiated Outcomes

  • Has the Cause’s program approach been documented to be effective in other similar contexts?

Clearly Identifiable Public Value

  • Does your Cause serve the people of New York State?
  • Are there specific benefits or reduced costs to members of the public not directly participating in your programs or services?
  • And/or, does your Cause address a fairness or equity issue?
  • And/or, does your Cause address information/other gaps and/or correct inaccuracies that would not otherwise be addressed in the community?

Collaborations/Partnerships with Cooperative Extension Tompkins County or its collaborators

  • Does your Cause draw from knowledge and experience in the community and/or colleges and universities?
  • Is your Cause related to current efforts of Cooperative Extension Tompkins County or any of its partners in the county?
  • If not, does this Cause foster such partnerships in any other way?

Adequate Funding and Return on Investment

  • Have detailed budgets been prepared? Are available revenues and resources adequate to carry out your programs and services effectively?
  • Do the scale of anticipated participation and expected results warrant the investment of resources required to carry out your programs and services; are results likely to justify costs?


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